It is our ongoing passion at the Spanish Centre to share our love for the Spanish language and we have been doing this for over 27 years!
Whether Online or In-House, our small group classes are engaging and constructive where the teacher-student interaction is as productive as it is fun.
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BOTTONBL2 Beginner Level 2 
Complete the beginner program and start speaking Spanish! 

This course is for students who already know the present tense of regular verbs, are able to ask basic questions in Spanish, and can use some irregular verbs.
After this course, you will be able to ask and answer questions about yourself, the place you live, the people you know, and your possessions.

Furthermore, you will be able to use Spanish in situations of daily life, in a shop, at the hotel, at the airport, etc.

Course Tuition

This course is only offered once per week.
Your tuition fees include the learning materials to cover all grammatical topics, vocabulary, and exercises for your course.
When you take courses at the Spanish Centre you become a member of our institution with full access to our social and cultural activities. As a member, you can participate in our language workshops and free Spanish practice programs.
Our small $25.00 admin fee only applies if any changes are requested after you have registered for a course.

Once per week (BL2)

5 weeks In-House - 2 hour classes - 10 hours of instruction: $189.00 + HST (**Hard copy of workbook included)
5 weeks Online - 2 hour classes - 10 hours of instruction: $179.00 + HST (**PDF version of workbook included)

**To save our planet, the Spanish Centre is going paperless! For Online programs, we are giving our students a PDF file with the complete booklet for their level. We appreciate your support in making a better world for us and future generations!

Course Outline

Communication and Vocabulary
Talking about your house or apartment 

Travel reservations - The hotel - The airport
Asking for directions
Telephone conversations
Grammatical Structures
Review of BL1 program
Irregular verbs: "go" ending verbs, saber vs conocer
Comparatives and superlatives
Demonstrative adjectives
Direct object pronouns
Introduction to stem-changing verbs

What is my level?

Unsure about your level?
You have never taken a course with us. Students frequently have vastly different language abilities.

Save the time from getting into the wrong Spanish course and do a placement test.
For your convenience, you have two options:

Online placement test Book a phone evaluation
Course Start Date & Time End Date & Time Location Price Register
BL2-WED.6:30PM.LAURA.ONLINE.INFO Aug-10 6:30 pm Sep-07 8:30 pm ONLINE CLASSES $179.00
BL2-TUES.6:30PM.MERCEDES.IN-HOUSE.INFO Aug-16 6:30 pm Sep-13 8:30 pm IN-HOUSE $189.00


BL2-TUES.6:30PM.LORENA.IN-HOUSE.INFO Sep-06 6:30 pm Oct-04 8:30 pm IN-HOUSE $189.00
BL2-SAT.10:00AM-JACOBO.IN-HOUSE.INFO Sep-10 10:00 am Oct-08 12:00 pm IN-HOUSE $189.00
BL2-TUES.6:30PM.ANTONIO.ONLINE.INFO Sep-13 6:30 pm Oct-11 8:30 pm ONLINE CLASSES $179.00