Private classes

Please note that all our private programs are now online.
In order to purchase online private classes go HERE

Taking private or semi-private instruction is the fastest way to achieve fluency!
With a skilled instructor all to yourself, you can study as intensively and book your sessions as frequently as suits you — day or evening.
Private or semi-private instruction is particularly recommended for those with unpredictable schedules or who travel frequently.

Rates are as follows:

Private Program for 1 student at the Centre:
1 hour private class:   $48.00 (+HST)
Package of 10 hours: $435.00 (+HST)

Private Online program for 1 student:
1 hour private class:   $42.00 (+HST)
Package of 10 hours: $398.00 (+HST)

Semi-private program for 2 or 3 students:

Package of 10 hours for 2 students: $235.00 (+HST) per student
Package of 10 hours for 3 students: $195.00 (+HST) per student

For more information or to book private classes, please call the Centre at 416-925-4652 x 221 (Monday to Friday 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.)