We don’t just teach steps but we also focus on the musicality, body movement and cultural influences of this beautiful dance and we have been doing this for over 25 years!
Offered in a professional dance studio setting, you'll learn to dance, meet new friends, embrace the music, and give yourself another reason to fall in love with Latin culture.
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This is when the dancers become the physical instruments of the music.
Learn how to do the stops and accents adding energy and mood to every song.  Therefore, every song looks different because the dancers are inspired in that moment to feel that piece of music. Achieve the “dancer’s high”, Euphoria, or Ecstasy when you can feel an accent building in the music, and gives you the opportunity to do a move that punctuates the “break”.

Price of program

Slasa classes are held once per week.
When you take a dance courses at the Spanish Centre you become a member of our insitution with full access to our social and cultural acttivities. As a member you can join our language programs at a discounted price.
Salsa 1  
5 weeks - 1 hour classes - 5 hours of instruction: $69.00 + HST

Dance class attire

What do I wear for my salsa class? 
Your comfort is key. Dress for keeping cool and easy movement. 
Choose a shoe that feels comfortable.
Wear shoes with smooth soles including running shoes.
No high heels please!
In the winter you’ll need to change to your dance shoes when you reach the studio.

Can I join alone?

You are joining alone, don’t worry!
Nothing should stop you from enjoying a Salsa class!
We’re going to partner you up, and through our rotations, you’ll have a chance to dance and meet everyone in you class.

SALSA Advanced

Advanced classes are designed for students who are confident with steps and basic turns. You will learn new moves and more advanced turns and spins to impress both your dance partners and your friends.

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