Why learn to dance Salsa?
Salsa is fun!
Our salsa classes are held in a non-judgemental and relaxed environment where people come to learn, meet new friends and have fun.

Salsa allows you to meet people wherever you are.
Salsa is danced internationally, and whether you are at home or in a foreign country, if you can dance a little bit of Salsa, all you have to do is find a club of Salsa in that city. That way you can meet local people quickly and enjoy the evenings with dance and music.

Salsa is an excellent aerobic activity.
When you dance you are doing physical activity for hours while having fun and enjoying the music. Dancing salsa is a safe activity, and there are almost no injuries compared to other disciplines.

Salsa is great for learning Spanish.
In Salsa the songs are in Spanish. Listening to music is a great way to memorize new words and expressions in one of the world's most beautiful languages.

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